Folder Marine Biodiversity

There are three aquatic biodiversity areas in Ghana. Marine, fresh water and brackish water. This folder contains research articles and publications on marine biodiversity in Ghana. 

PDF An Investigation of Fish Catch Data and Its Implications for Management of Small-scale Fisheries of Ghana Download
PDF Climatic trends in continental shelf waters off Ghana and in the Gulf of Guinea, 1963–1992 Download
PDF Diversity and Stability of Demersal Species Assemblages in the Gulf of Guinea Download
PDF Impact of climate change on long-term zooplankton biomass in the upwelling region of the Gulf of Guinea Download
PDF Impact of fishing on size composition and diversity of demersal fish communities Download
PDF Meeting socioeconomic objectives in Ghana’s sardinella fishery Download
PDF Seasonal trend and abundance of sparids in Ghanaian coastal waters Download
PDF Size at First Maturity of Anchovy (Engraulis encrasiclus) in Ghanaian waters and Suggestions for Appropriate Mesh size in its Fishery Download
PDF Species Diversity and Relative Abundance of Fisheries Resources Found in Beach Seine along the Central Coast of Ghana Download
PDF Stock assessment of the big-eye grunt, (Brachydeuterus auritus, Val) fishery in Ghanaian coastal waters Download
PDF Structure and dynamics of demersal assemblages on the continental shelf and upper slope off Ghana, West Africa Download
PDF The Fishery of Balistes capriscus (Balistidae) in Ghana and possible reasons for its collapse Download
PDF Tuna bait boat baiting time and the availability of anchovy in Ghanaian waters Download