PDF The Fishery of Balistes capriscus (Balistidae) in Ghana and possible reasons for its collapse

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Upload date 05 Sep 2018
Contributor Emmanuel Dovlo
Geographical coverage Ghana
Keywords Balistis capriscus, trigger fish, temperature, salinity
Release date 05/09/2018
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The fish catch statistics of grey triggerfish (Balistes capriscus) in Ghana from 1972 to 2003
have suggested a possible ‘regime shift’ of triggerfish in coastal waters of Ghana. This
suggests possible influence of local environmental parameters (sea surface temperature,
salinity and coastal wind speed) and/or exploitation on grey triggerfish resource. The
observed variability in environmental conditions and triggerfish landings off Ghana occurred
seasonally. Time series analyses of sea surface temperature, salinity and coastal wind speed
from alongshore recording stations of Marine Fisheries Research Division in Tema, Ghana
and Ghana Meteorological Agency over the period 1974-2004 suggest possible link between
local environmental parameters and triggerfish catch in Ghana.