Folder Other Experts' Publications

There are a number of experts conducting various kinds of research on Ghana, who are not affiliated to any of the universities or research institutions in the country. Their publications are in most cases published as individual private outputs in journals and books. This folder contains some of the publications of such national and international experts. 

PDF A taxonomic and geographical catalogue of the seaweeds of the western coast of Africa and adjacent islands Download
PDF An Overview of Biodiversity Conservation in Ghana: Challenges and Prospects Download
PDF Assessment of the status of the development of standards for the Terrestrial Essential Climate Variables Download
PDF Biodiversity status of urban remnant forests in Cape Coast, Ghana Download
PDF Empirical Trials of Plant Field Guides Download
PDF Flavor Formation and Character in Cocoa and Chocolate: A Critical Review Download
PDF Isothecium myosuroides var. brachythecioides (Dixon) Braithw. reinstated as a species, I. interludens Stirt. Download
PDF Local communities’ willingness to pay for sustainable forest management in Ghana Download
PDF Macroalgae-Derived Biofuel: A Review of Methods of Energy Extraction from Seaweed Biomass Download
PDF Modifier Ontologies for frequency, certainty, degree, and coverage phenotype modifier Download
PDF Probing Adaptive Farm-Based Decision-Making: Assessing Micro-Catchment Practices towards Smart Agricultural Intensification within Muooni Sub-Catchment, Kenya Download
PDF Sustainable Agricultural Intensification:Evolving Adaptation Fissures and Ecosystem Services Resilience Download
PDF Unravelling the Pangolin Bushmeat Commodity Chain and the Extent of Trade in Ghana Download
PDF What is happening to our Lagoons? The example of Butuah Lagoon in Ghana Download