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Upload date 24 Dec 2018
Contributor Anthony Adu-Gyamfi
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Keywords Frequency modifiers, certainty modifiers, degree modifiers, coverage modifiers, Modifier Ontology, phenotype modifiers, user warrant, literary warrant, user consensus
Release date 24/12/2018
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When phenotypic characters are described in the literature, they may be constrained or clarified with additional information such as the location or degree of expression, these terms are called “modifiers”. With effort underway to convert narrative character descriptions to computable data, ontologies for such modifiers are needed. Such ontologies can also be used to guide term usage in future publications. Spatial and method modifiers are the subjects of ontologies that already have been developed or are under development. In this work, frequency (e.g., rarely, usually), certainty (e.g., probably, definitely), degree (e.g., slightly, extremely), and coverage modifiers (e.g., sparsely, entirely) are collected, reviewed, and used to create two modifier ontologies with different design considerations.