PDF Probing Adaptive Farm-Based Decision-Making: Assessing Micro-Catchment Practices towards Smart Agricultural Intensification within Muooni Sub-Catchment, Kenya

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Upload date 12 May 2016
Contributor Nehemiah Odjer-Bio
Geographical coverage Africa, Kenya, Ghana,
Keywords Riparian, communities, ecosystem, streams,
Release date 13/05/2016
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Riparian areas provide many critical ecosystem functions, including reducing nutrients and sediments from surface runoff, reducing erosion, and providing shade and organic matter to stream ecosystems. In this paper the researchers examined the conservation practices of the riparian vegetation in the Muooni dam microcatchment with in-depth interviews, transect walks and field observation techniques and noted that diverse land use practices are seriously affecting the quality of the riparian vegetation and the quality of the dam by increasing sediment loading within the dam.