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According to the Forestry Commission, Ghana has a total of 288 forest reserves and 16 protected (wildlife conservation) areas. About 268 of the forest reserves are formally gazetted and the others are proposed reserves. All the 16 wildlife conservation areas are gazetted.

Release date 07/05/2015
Contributor Alhassan Adamu Labaran
Geographical coverage Ghana,
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The gazetted forest reserves and protected wildlife areas form about 17% of the total land surface area of Ghana. Intact dense forest reserves and wildlife protected areas cover about 1,193,000 ha. Degraded forest reserves cover approximately 450,000 ha.  The types of Ghana’s wildlife in-situ conservation areas are also described as protected areas. These categories are listed in Table below:

Category Number
Biosphere Reserve 1
National Park 7
Strict Nature Reserves 1
Resource Reserves 5
Wildlife Sanctuaries 2
Sacred Groves 1,453