Folder Protected Areas in Ghana

The Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission is the Government Agency mandated to protect and manage Ghana's wildlife resources. Currently the Division manages, 7 National Parks, 6 Resource Reserves, 2 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 1 strict nature reserve, 5 coastal Ramsar sites and 2 National zoos. This folder gives a description of the protected areas, their location, key species available, both flora and fauna and the tourism resources available. The national parks are Kyabobo, Mole, Kakum, Digya, Bia, Bui & Nini Suhien National Parks. The Resource Reserves are Shai Hills, Ankasa, Gbele, Kalakpa, Bia & Assin Attandanso. The wildlife sanctuaries are Bomfobiri and Owabi. Kogyae is the only strict nature reserve. The Remsar sites are Keta Lagoon Complex, Densu Delta, Songor, Muni Pomadzi, & Sakumo. The 2 national zoos are the Kumasi and the Accra zoos.

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