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There are many freshwater systems in Ghana, including rivers, lakes, streams. caostal lagoons, etc.

Release date 14/08/2010
Contributor Kwesi Anderson

Ghana abounds in fresh water resources in the many river systems throughout the country as well as two major lakes, Bosomtwi (natural lake) and Volta (artificial lake created following the construction of the Akosombo Dam).  Some of the major river systems include, the Black and the White Volta and their tributaries, River Oti and Afram which flow into the Volta lake, Volta, Tano, Ankobra, Pra, Densu, Ayensu which flow into the sea.  

The major uses of the fresh water resources in Ghana are mainly for domestic and industrial water supply, irrigation, fishing, aquaculture and transportation. The Volta Lake system is important for fresh water fishing and transportation of people and large quantities of goods.

It is estimated conservatively that about 124 fish species from 62 genera and 26 families inhabits the major rivers in Ghana.