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The forest land mosaics which consist of remnant natural forests and sacred groves located outside the forest reserves cover about 6,525,000 ha.

Release date 05/05/2015
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The numerous traditional conservation areas such as sacred groves (e.g. Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary) and other community initiatives (e.g. Mount Afadjato Community Forest Project) are contributing significantly to biodiversity conservation in this country. Unfortunately, even though the traditional authorities play a critical role in in-situ conservation by maintaining a system of sacred groves, community forests and protected wildlife areas, no provisions have been made to formally accord them legal recognition and to include them in the conventional management regime of the country. Table 1.4 has information on the distributionof the protected areas in Ghana and the types of vegetation in them.

Table of  Protected areas in Ghana

Name of Protected Area Region *Vegetation zone Forest Type


Size (km2) *Forest Type* District
1 Ankasa Resource Reserve Western Wet Evergreen 1976 343.00 WE* Jomoro
2 Nini- Suhien National Park Western Wet Evergreen 1976 160.00 WE* Jomoro
3 Bia National Park Western

Moist Semideciduous North-west subtype

1974 78.00 MSNW* Juabeso
4 Bia Resource Reserve Western Moist Evergreen 1974 228.00 ME* Juabeso
5 Kakum National Park Central Moist Evergreen 1991 210.00 ME* Twifo- Heman
6 Assin Attandanso Resource Central

Moist Evergreen

1991 150,00 MSSE* Twifo-Heman
7 Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary Ashanti Moist Semideciduous North-west subtype 1971 13.10 MSSE* Nwabiagya
8 Bomfobri Wildlife Sanctuary Ashanti Dry Semideciduous Inner zone subtype 1975 53.10 DS*
9 Digya National Park Brong Ahafo Dry Semideciduous 1971 3,478.30 DS* Sene / Kwahu N
10 Bui National Park Brong Ahafo Savanna 1917 1,820.60 Savanna* Tain/ Bole
11 Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve Ashanti Dry Semideciduous Fire Zone subtype 1971 385.70 DSFZ* Sekyere
12 Shai Hill Resource Reserve Greater Accra Dry Semideciduous 1971 53.00 DS* Dangbe West
13 Kalakpa Resource Reserve Volta Dry Semideciduous 1975 320.20 DS* Ho

Kyabobo National Park


Dry Semideciduous Fire zone subtype

1993 222.00 DSFZ* Nkwanta
15 Mole National Park Northern Dry Semideciduous 1971 4,840.00 DS* Gonja West, Damongo
16 Gbele Resource Reserve Upper West Dry Semideciduous 1975 565.40 DS* Sissala East, Tumu