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Release date 16/10/2018
Contributor Andrew Appiah
Geographical coverage Ghana
Keywords Animal, Research, CSIR, Ghana, Institute
URL https://www.csir.org.gh/index.php/research-inst/101-animal-research-institute

The CSIR-Animal Research Institute is one of the 13 institutes of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The Institute was established as Biological Research Institute in January 1957 as an agency of Tsetse Control Department of the Gold Coast Administration. It was associated with the University College and housed in Achimota. It was re-designated Entomological and Parasitological Research Institute, under the newly promulgated National Research Council, later re-named the Ghana Academy of Sciences, in 1959.In 1964 the name of the Unit was changed to ANIMAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, when the research programme was widened from strictly animal health to include other areas of animal agriculture.