News A new, endangered species of canopy tree from the evergreen forests of Ghana and Liberia, Synsepalum ntimii (Sapotaceae)

Botanical surveys in Ghana yielded numerous new species, including saplings of what proved to be a tall, canopy tree. After several years, adults with flowers and fruits were found.

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Source Plant Ecology and Evolution, Volume 147, Number 1, 23 March 2014, pp. 141-148(8)
Release date 26/03/2015
Contributor Anthony Adu-Gyamfi
Geographical coverage Global,
Keywords new,plant,endangered,forest

Key results – Synsepalum ntimii, a new species similar to S. afzelii, is described and its affinities are discussed.

Conservation status – Upper Guinea is fairly well surveyed compared to many other tropical regions, and the species has a limited range, so it is classified as Endangered in the IUCN system, even though recent surveys have extended the known range of S. ntimii to SE Liberia. It is locally rare, and much of the known Liberian range will be subject to mining operations.

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