News Bushmeat guide ‘unrealistic about commercial hunting’'

Conservation biologists studying the effects of bushmeat hunting in Africa have criticised a UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report for making unrealistic claims about the chances of protecting wildlife from commercial hunters.

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Release date 05/05/2015
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The Bushmeat sourcebook, launched to mark World Wildlife Day on 3 March, does little to create the “enlightened self-interest” among policymakers and the game industry that is vital to maintain a viable population of bushmeat species, including bats, monkeys and wild pigs, two experts told SciDev.Net.Responding to the online guide, Richard Ruggiero, head of international conservation at the US Fish and Wildlife Service, says he doubts it will lead to the tougher regulation needed to prevent commercial operations from taking over from subsistence hunting and wiping out the most valuable food sources.

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