News Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Tropical Biodiversity and Ecosystems

TROPIMUNDO is an EC-funded and excellence-labebeled Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Tropical Biodiversity and Ecosystems which allows students to specialize in a variety of areas from flora and fauna to management of databases. 

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Release date 19/11/2015
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TROPIMUNDO is a 2 year Maste's course of which an entire semester is spent in the tropics. Specialisation is possible on the evolution of tropical flora and vegetation, on faunistic assemblages, on informatics tools to treat and manage biodiversity data and databases (biogeographical, genetical, geographical information systems) including the management and conservation of historic collections such as herbarium sheets, on the study of diversity, dynamics and evolution of tropical and subtropical ecosystems (with a focus on four related systems, namely tropical rainforests and woodlands, mangrove forests, seagrass beds and coral reefs, including the interactions between flora, fauna, man and the environment within and between each of these adjacent ecosystems), on conservation and restoration ecology of natural habitats and their biodiversity including competences in sustainable management and governance of biodiversity, and finally, on tropical ethnobotany, exploitation and valorisation of natural resources and conservation of traditional ecological knowledge.

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