Folder Freshwater and Brackish water Biodiversity

There are three aquatic water areas in Ghana, namely freshwater, marine and brackish water. This folder contains research on fish and fisheries of inland waters of Ghana which comprise freshwater and brackish water.

PDF Changes in fish community of Kpong Headpond - Ghana Download
PDF Fish and fisheries of Kpong Headpond Download
PDF Fish and fisheries of Lower Volta Mangrove Swamps Download
PDF Fish community structure of Weija Reservoir Download
PDF Fisheries and Limnology of 2 Reservoirs in Northern Ghana Download
PDF Fisheries of Two Tropical Lagoons in Ghana Download
PDF Food and Feeding Habit of Sarotherodon melanotheron, Rüppell, 1852 (Pisces: Cichlidae) in Sakumo Lagoon, Ghana Download
PDF Food and Feeding Habits of Grey Mullets in Ghana Download
DOC Genetic structure of 9 populations of black chinned tilapia in coastal waters of Ghana Download
DOC Species Composition, Abundance And Growth Of Three Common Fish Species Of Volta Estuary Download
PDF State of Fish and fisheries of Fosu Lagoon, Ghana Download