PDF Stock assessment of the big-eye grunt, (Brachydeuterus auritus, Val) fishery in Ghanaian coastal waters

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Upload date 22 Aug 2018
Contributor Emmanuel Dovlo
Geographical coverage Ghana
Keywords Brachydeuterus auritus, big-eye grunt, fishery, stock assessment, growth, mortality, abundance, exploitation
Release date 23/08/2018
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Annual fishery catch statistics and length data series for Brachydeuterus auritus in coastal waters of Ghana for the period, 1974 -1997 and 1990 - 1991 were used to model the growth, mortality rates, indices of abundance and expolitation patterns.

Mean population parameters were Linfinity = 23.1 cm (fork length), Lm = 13.7 cm, K = 0.37 per year, Z = 2.67 per year, M = 1.24 per year and F = 1.43 per year