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Research outputs from the CSIR-Water Research Institute.

PDF Impact of mining operation on the ecology of river Offin in Ghana Download
PDF Length-weight relationship and growth Parameters of grey mullets (Pisces: Mugilidae) in two estuaries in Ghana Download
PDF Changes in fish community of Kpong Headpond - Ghana Download
PDF Cyanobacterial diversity and biomass in relation to nutrient regime of four freshwater reservoirs sourced for the production of drinking water in Ghana Download
PDF DNA-Based Identiļ¬cation and Chemical Characteristics of Hypnea musciformis from Coastal Sites in Ghana Download
File Fish Community structure of Weija Reservoir
PDF Fish and fisheries of Kpong Headpond Download
PDF Fish and fisheries of Lower Volta Mangrove Swamps Download
PDF Fish community structure of Weija Reservoir Download
PDF Fisheries and Limnology of 2 Reservoirs in Northern Ghana Download
PDF Fisheries of Two Tropical Lagoons in Ghana Download
PDF Food and Feeding Habits of Grey Mullets in Ghana Download
DOC Genetic structure of 9 populations of black chinned tilapia in coastal waters of Ghana Download
HTML Document Impact of mining operation on the ecology of river Offin in Ghana.
PDF Length-weight relationship, Condition factor, and Sex ratio of Two Chrysichthys species (Pisces: Claroteidae) of Socio-economic Importance from Kpong Reservoir. Download
PDF Relative abundance, Length-weight relationship, Condition Factor and Sex ratio of Cichlid species (Pisces: Cichlidae) from Weija Reservoir in Ghana. Download
PDF Seasonal changes in fish catch and environmental variables in a large Tropical Lake, Volta, Ghana Download
PDF Species Composition, Abundance And Growth Of Three Common Fish Species Of Volta Estuary Download
PDF State of Fish and Fisheries of Fosu Lagoon, Ghana Download
File The Quality and Health Implications of Urban Irrigation Water Used for Vegetable Production in the Accra Metropolis